I guess I can be described as a bit of a cocktail - I am half Italian, half Palestinian, born in Beirut and raised in the UK.

Growing up, I was surrounded by different languages, food and cultures, yet one commonality was the gathering of people over a table centered around food. It was a way to express love, connect and celebrate moments. These memories have shaped my relationship with food allowing me to eat my way through cultures by dipping in and out of various experiences.

Inevitably, travelling was a natural curiosity and I immersed myself with learning about local traditions and food habits. This took me to a Thai cooking school and Beirut where I spent time for a number of years allowing me to understand the fundamentals of the food, culture and way of life. 

Being in the UK gives us incredible access to many food cultures and I actively sought out cookery classes wanting to learn as much as I could.

This ultimately led me to create Eat My... with the purpose to make classes accessible to food enthusiasts everywhere.

Eat My... is a platform to encourage learning through social communities by participating in classes to build on culinary knowledge. I want Eat My...to embrace different cultures, flavours, techniques and personalities. 

If you want to be part of the Eat My... community please sign up to join as a Chef/ Beverage Expert or Enthusiast. I hope to see you soon!