I was first introduced to the Aperol Spritz in a cliché but wonderful way; by the beach in Italy with Antonio, a family friend. It is my 'go to' drink because I love the bitter sweet taste and I find it light and refreshing when beer can be too bloating and wine can get too sickly (unless its top notch which lets face it, is not always available). Shamefully, I only discovered recently that along with oranges, Aperol is made with rhubarb! This led me to experiment using the two ingredients and I found the end result was refreshing with that familiar sweet, sour note which works a treat after a heavy meal.

The addition of alcohol will make the sorbet softer, which I personally dont mind. If you want to be sure that the colour of the sorbet is more intense like the Aperol, I would suggest using either more raspberries or blood oranges when in season.


Serves 2 people generously


·      350g rhubarb

·      Handful of raspberries (if the rhubarb is green)

·      75g granulated sugar

·      Juice of half an orange and 1 peeled zest

·      75ml prosecco

·      75ml water

·      25ml Aperol (around 1.5 tablespoons)


1. Cut the Rhubarb into smaller pieces approx. 5cm. Cook the rhubarb with sugar, orange juice, orange peel and water on a low heat for 15 mins or until soft.

2. Set aside and allow the mixture to cool. Once cooled, place the rhubarb mixture in a blender and when pureed sieve the mixture to remove any tough pieces or remaining raspberry seeds. Transfer to a bowl and stir in the prosecco and aperol. Chill in the fridge for around 2 hours. Once chilled, transfer to an ice cream maker and follow manufacturers instructions.