These are the easiest pickles to make. Throw everything into a jar with some spices, salt and pour brine over it. Wait 10 days and done! I couldn't quite believe it was that simple...the only thing I struggled with was patience. 

My addiction to these wonderfully pink pickles makes me eat them straight out of the jar. The addition of beetroot to the turnips make them turn into that glorious ruby colour.  Any excuse to have these with any type of food is pretty much how you are supposed to eat them in the Middle East. They are served with spicy meats like shawarma or the famous falafel or even a tangy accompaniment to grilled chicken with a warm serving of humous. They usually grace the table with fresh mint, local olives and sometimes onions. Need I say more?

Of course if you prefer your pickles to have a pronounced flavour of vinegar, you simply adjust the ratio of the brine mixture. Just be aware that handling the beetroot will stain your hands unless you wear disposable gloves (I personally don't mind!).



·      1kg of turnips and beetroot, peeled & chopped

·      1,250ml/ 5cups of water (if you prefer more of a vinegar flavour, use 1 litre/ 4 cups of water)

·      250ml/ 1 cup of white (distilled) vinegar 

·      2 tablespoons of sea salt (no iodine)

·      1 red chilli (optional)

·      Spices (optional) 1 tsp each of of peppercorns, mustard seeds and coriander seeds (you can add alternatives)

·      2 cloves of peeled garlic (optional)

You will need a  1 x 2L jar for the pickles


1.     Peel and cut the vegetables (you can make them chunky or slice into 50mm strips), allow them to dry somewhat or pat them dry with kitchen towel.

2.     Dissolve the salt in the water and vinegar solution to make the brine. If using warm water for this, it's not a problem.

3.     Place vegetables in a clean jar and add chilli and spices. Pour the brine over until they are covered. Use a small plate as a weight to ensure the vegetables are fully submerged in the brine solution.

4.     Seal jar and leave for 10 days in a cool dark place.